Campaign period : 10.2.2020 – 10.6.2020
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  • This event will be held from 10.2.2020 until 10.6.2020.
  • Top Depositor during this 7th anniversary (10.2.2020-10.6.2020) will be reward with prize.
  • To entitle as TOP depositor, confirmed deposit from 10.2.2020 until 10.6.2020 will be counted.
  • Prize will be reward to player based on amount of deposited. Prize is determine by the ranking, the more player deposited, the higher rank player get.
  • If there are two or more player with same ranking, the first to achieve the rank will be the highest rank.
  • Gold coin will be reward to winner, it is collected and spend to redeem prize during 7th anniversary Spend & Redeem event.
  • This promotion can be claimed in conjunction with any other promotions in M777.
  • Promotion and event will be held from time to time. Each promotion and event applied to terms and conditions. Reward and prize rewarded to players applied to terms and conditions.
  • Prize reward to players is non-convertible to cash, item that out of stock will be exchange to item with equivalent value.
  • For prize delivery, insurance will be incurred to items. Player do not need to responsible to costing, if any parties request payment for insurance or delivery cost, kindly verify with our customer service representative.
  • The winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of M777.